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Diving Services

We offer a variety of commercial diving services, such as: steel cutting, welding fabrication, chlorine line repairs and installations, travelling screen repairs and installation, inspections and recommendations, pump repairs, and more. You can view our full list of services here, or contact us about your next diving project. Northern Divers USA is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are fully certified and have more than 10 years of professional diving experience.

Diving Services

Fresh Water Intake Cleaning System 

Our revolutionary fresh water intake cleaning system is unrivaled in the industry. Our client’s results will back that claim. We recently implemented our process at a large municipality near Chicago, Illinois. The results and cost savings related to this project can be obtained from our client upon request.

Our process utilizes a variety of water pumps and air compressors to create a turbulent water flow through a pipe of any diameter and of any length. This produces a vortex that acts as a scrubbing vehicle on concrete, steel or ductile iron piping.

The powerful combination of air and water forced through a custom made manifold under high pressure loosens and removes debris from the piping systems – such as zebra mussels, sand, silt and various man-made materials. The scrubbing action works without damaging interior pipe walls or secondary piping, such as suction lines or chlorine lines. Removed debris can then be safely contained with proven methods such as silt screening, or can be distributed into open water.

Our system has been proven effective. Please contact Frank Frosolone for references on our patented process.

Clarity statement: The force cleaning of a pipe to remove debris in a reverse or forward direction is dependent on the connection location for said water system or intake location.

View our revolutionary Fresh Water Intake Cleaning System in action!  Video Here