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Working with ROV

Northern Divers USA has ROV as part of our its full line of underwater equipment. This allows us to do underwater inspections. All of our inspections come along with full recorded video and still photos.

We have the ability to reach 2500' in one direction and 5000' of pipe in two directions. With our very competitive pricing, you'll be able to see how much muck and debris are in your wet wells.

We'll have your every need covered.

  • Water intake pipes
  • Raw water tanks
  • Finished water tanks
  • Elevated water tanks
  • Inspections underwater of all kinds docks walls dams, valves, and river bottoms

Equipment Features

  • 4 ea. 1/3 hp Thrusters (17 lbs. thrust ea.)
  • UWC-360, tilting, Fixed Focus Color (750 line .001 lux) Camera
  • UWC-325/p/otirov, Fixed Color camera (Rear) (750 line .001 lux)
  • C-3405, 500 ft. Neutrally Bouyant, cable w/all connectors
  • Consoles, Power supply, Joy-Stick, Keyboard, 15" 2000 nit Monitor
  • Depth and Compass Video Overlay
  • Auto-Hover/Heading

"ROV-1000". 1000 ft (300 meter) rated. Now with LED lights. The ROV utilizes brushless DC, magnetically coupled thrusters. Outland designed a control system around these thrusters to maximize the power. Dual tilting Cameras give low light B&W and High Resolution Color in one small package. The ROV now has a 2500 ft cable.

View our revolutionary Fresh Water Intake Cleaning System in action!  Video Here